YESA Ambassadors

Tega Akpolophi

Mr. Tega Akpolophi is a visionary entrepreneur whose passion for real estate and interior design has transformed both industries. His journey is a testament to the power of dedication and innovation.
Achievements and Contributions: Mr. Tega Akpolophi’s academic journey began with a degree in Computer Science from the
University of Benin. While his academic foundation was in a different field, his passion for real estate and interior design fuelled his ambitions. He founded Otega Furniture and through his entrepreneurial spirit, carved a remarkable path.
His company, Otega Furniture, has become a household name in Abuja, redefining how we
experience and interact with interior spaces. His innovative designs and use of cutting-edge
technology have set new standards in the industry.
Impact and Legacy:
Mr. Akpolophi’s impact goes far beyond business success. He has put 40 underprivileged children on scholarship, giving them a chance at a brighter future. In addition, his commitment to improving his community is evident through the construction of a water borehole in his hometown of Omosomo in Delta State. His dedication to social responsibility showcases the heart behind his accomplishments.

Owoama Franklin Ikechukwu

Mr. Owoama Franklin Ikechukwu is an Entrepreneur, an expert Real Estate Developer & a Business Expert based in Abuja, Nigeria. He was born on the 14th of December, 1983 in Lagos Nigeria and hails from Isiala Mbano in Imo State Nigeria.
He attended IMO STATE UNIVERSITY Nigeria where he obtained a Bsc. in Business Management.
Over the years, OWOAMA FRANKLIN Ikechukwu has provided jobs to over 30 youths under his various establishments which include;
Committed to empowering young entrepreneurs, Mr. FRANKLIN has partnered with a Chinese company to train aspiring youths in SOLAR SYSTEMS INSTALLATIONS.
He has also mentored & supported numerous young men who are now championing their
own paths in Real Estate development.

Mr. Promise Egwin

Mr. Promise Egwim obtained his first degree from Micheal Okpara University of Agriculture, Abia State.
During his National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) in Nasarawa State in 2012, he was conferred a chieftaincy title “OYIWOZA” by His Royal Majesty, Senator Emmanuel Elayo, for his tremendous service and contribution to the state. He also won the NYSC state award at that time.
Mr. Promise Egwim is a very passionate entrepreneur and a business coach. He is the Managing Director (MD) of Profilledworld Homes Ltd, a real estate company in Nigeria.
He developed a new and unique approach to the real estate business which has made his firm one of the fastest growing real estate firms in Nigeria. He has developed many estates; which includes: Profilledworld Apex, Profilledworld Classic, Profilledworld Premium and Profilledworld Homes.
Mr. Promise has over Seventy (70) direct and indirect young employees who benefit from
his great idea monthly. He hopes to impact millions of youths by creating more employment opportunities for young Nigerians.


Prada Uzodimma, ESQ, is a highly skilled and accomplished legal practitioner, possessing
extensive knowledge and experience in the field. She holds an LLB from the University of
Surrey and an LLM in Maritime Law from the University of Southampton, both prestigious
institutions in the United Kingdom. With expertise in contract law and maritime law, Prada Uzodimma is recognized as an expert in her field, having successfully handled cases in various jurisdictions. Notably, she achieved a significant victory in the celebrated Imo State
gubernatorial election petition, which resulted in a favourable ruling by the Supreme Court.
Committed to empowering aspiring lawyers, Prada Uzodimma launched the Prada
Uzodimma Law School Scholarship Grant (PUSG), a commendable initiative aimed at alleviating financial challenges faced by indigent young individuals pursuing a career in law.
PUSG was initiated in partnership with Law Firm; Principle Legal Consult and has been applauded by several notable dignitaries such as The Director-General of the Nigerian Law
School; Prof. Isa Chiroma and the former Honourable Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice; Abubakar Malami, SAN, as a commendable initiative.
The scholarship grant has sponsored the legal education of 15 successful recipients since
inception and seeks to take in even more beneficiaries in the subsequent years.
Prada Uzodimma is not only a legal professional but also a compassionate humanitarian. She frequently appears on television programs to educate the public about their human rights and
legal entitlements. In addition, she co-founded The Ability Life Initiative, a foundation dedicated to bridging the gap and advocating for the rights of individuals living with disabilities.
With this organisation, she has been able to run various community-building projects in the FCT and several interactive training sessions on learning disabilities across Government Secondary Schools in the FCT, impacting over 190 secondary students, 30 teachers and other staff of these schools.
Prada Uzodimma, ESQ, exemplifies professionalism and dedication, continuously striving for excellence in her legal practice. Her notable achievements, philanthropic efforts, and commitment to promoting inclusivity have solidified her reputation as a respected and influential figure within the legal community

Adenike Isi Adeeko

Adenike Isi Adeeko is an accomplished and visionary business leader who has made significant strides in the hospitality industry. As the CEO of Whiskey Mistress Restaurant, Lounge and Nightclub, she has demonstrated exceptional dedication, innovation, and commitment to delivering unparalleled guest experiences.
With a dynamic background that blends creativity, business acumen, and a passion for customer satisfaction, Adenike has transformed Whiskey Mistress into a cornerstone of the culinary and entertainment scene in FCT Abuja, Nigeria. Her leadership has propelled the establishment to new heights, setting standards for excellence that are recognized both nationally
and internationally.
Leadership and Empowerment:
As a leader, Adenike has exhibited a strong commitment to empowering her team of 138 staff members. Her leadership style is characterized by a balance of mentorship, collaboration, and the fostering of a positive work environment. She believes in nurturing talent and fostering growth among her employees.
Industry Recognition:
Adenike influence extends beyond the local scene. Her innovative contributions to the hospitality industry have garnered recognition and respect on a broader scale. She has been featured in industry publications, and invited to speak at various conferences, sharing her insights and expertise with a wider audience.
Entrepreneurial Excellence:
Adenike has built several thriving businesses, including Whiskey Mistress, Donkey Technologies LTD, Cellars Liquor Store, Donkey Shop, Seva Media, Nairatix Company, and many more in FCT Abuja, Nigeria. Her keen business acumen and strategic insights have opened up ways for several other opportunities.
Community Engagement and impact:
Beyond the business realm, Adenike has taken an active role in fostering community engagement. She has initiated partnerships with local artists, musicians, and cultural organisations, enriching the social and cultural fabric of FCT Abuja. She is also a Special Marshal of the Federal Road Safety Commission, and is actively involved in her unit in Abuja, Nigeria.
She has consistently championed social responsibility initiatives, supporting local causes and contributing to the betterment of the society in which she operates.
Global Perspective:
Adenike’s achievements have not been confined to national borders. Her global outlook has led to collaborations and partnerships that transcend cultural boundaries. She continues to explore opportunities for international cooperation, contributing to the enrichment of cross cultural experiences.